A Round-Up of Seven of Our Most Sustainable Brands

We all agree EXPO2020 was a giant leap for education in sustainability, here at Ronai, we are excited to present new ways you can improve on your positive impact with a round-up of our most sustainable brands and products.


1. Uniforms By Ronai

For years, we have been bringing you options in eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for your uniforms. Many of our fabrics meet international testing standards and carry the OEKO-TEX certification. We offer a range of fabrics using recycled yarns and sustainably produced fibres.

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OEKO-TEX certification


2. Ronai Craft, Biodegradable Disposables

Made from sustainable and renewable sources of bamboo, Ronai Craft caters for all your disposable catering needs, while ensuring the products you use are environmentally friendly and compostable.

From small presentation plates to food and beverage sampling and large dinner plates and cutlery, there is everything you need to deliver the most sophisticated events without compromising on functionality and enjoyment.

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3. Creative, Passion That Drives Innovation and Environmental Ethics

Creative take the entire life-cycle of their products into account, from the extraction and production of raw materials to the design, manufacture and use of the products. Creative now, manufacture using only bamboo melamine which gives you the ability to use far more sustainable and environmentally friendly collections which has been sourced responsibly.

Download Creative's Sustainability Flyer

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4. F. Dick, Knives That Are Sharp on Social Impact, As Well As the Environment

Friedr. Dick believes in an ecologically and ethically responsible approach to preserve people's livelihoods and the environment. All products have first-class functionality, a high utility value and a sustainable profile. Their goal is not to produce in countries where cheap labour keeps costs low. They specifically rely on state-of-the-art technologies in  production and craftsmanship where it is necessary and appropriate. This protects resources and reduces emissions; and guarantees you the highest quality.

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5. Row & Sons, Sustainably Sourced Butchers Blocks

The extensive range of end grain maple and oak wood butchers block products, are all manufactured from specially selected, FSC certified hardwoods, seasoned and kiln dried. Each large butchers block built is carefully crafted by hand and designed to withstand the most demanding professional kitchen environment for unrivalled strength and peace of mind.

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6. Console Solar Jar, Renewable Energy That's also Fair Trade

The Consol Solar Jar™ is an eco-friendly solar light that literally provides bottled sunshine. Its award-winning design marries elegance with innovation in the timelessly beautiful Consol Classic preserve jar. Manufactured by Suntoy, proudly South African.

Suntoy is committed to improving the livelihoods of all employees through an ongoing partnership with the World Fair Trade Organization. As a company, and a family, Suntoy stand by and endeavor to practice the 10 World Fair Trade principles in all areas of the business.

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7. Samuel Groves Offsetting Emissions with ClimateCare

As well as taking actions to reduce its footprint through unavoidable emissions, Samual Groves will be offsetting through projects that include the multiple award-winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water Project, which delivers safe water to more than 4 million people in Kenya, generating significant carbon reductions and enhancing the health of local communities by reducing exposure to waterborne disease.

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However you wish to improve your impact, book a consultation in our showroom and see our range of sustainable brands for yourself.


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