All The Right Ingredients: Elevate your dish with the perfect combination of food, chef, plate.


The dynamic combination of food, chef and plate elevates food presentation as Dudson’s ‘All the right ingredients’ story explores the impact of a plate on a finished dish. 

Plating choices are naturally influenced by the style of food, the chef’s vision and the overall image of the restaurant. Each dish starts with the raw ingredients as creativity is expressed through presentation, including the selection of the plate to emphasise qualities and appearance of the finished dish. As each restaurant develops its own unique style, chefs are able to explore their individuality through experimentation of color and texture within their tableware choice.

Dudson’s ‘All the right ingredients’ story highlights the impact of considered tableware choices, enhancing the overall presentation through the unity of food, chef and plate. We have selected a variety of cuisines to suit our specific Dudson ranges. However, to find your perfect match, please get in touch for a consultation, browse our website to explore our collections or contact us to enquire about our sample policy. 


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