NUDE in Bloom - How to create a Grace & Thorn vase arrangement

The team at Grace & Thorn share their thoughts on how to recreate the signature style of floral arrangement that they've become renowned for in London and beyond. Have a look at our Instagram for more inspiration.

"Here at Grace & Thorn, we pride ourselves on our wild, offbeat approach to flower arranging. We are all about embracing the nature of the materials we use, celebrating every big bloom, every delicate flowers, and all the flowing foliage.

Once you have selected and conditioned your mix of foliage of flowers (see our other articles to learn more about this!), take each piece and observe the shapes, lines, colours and textures individually as you start to build a picture of how they will all come together. Now - for the creative part!"


Step 1.

Use foliage at different angle to create your skeleton, with the tallest bit being the top of your arrangement.


First 3 steps of the NUDE In Bloom creation from Grace & Thorn in the NUDE Inca vase

Step 2.

Start adding your focal flowers. Don’t just place these straight down into the jar, place them at an angle and start to create a natural grid on to which all the other flowers and foliage can sit.


Step 3.

Add your filler. You want to layer the filler and all the smaller interesting bits weaving throughout the focal flowers and foliage, again placing the stems in at different heights and angles.


Step 4.

Keep adding and building up your arrangement by grouping flowers.

Step 3 to 6 of the Grace & Thorn flower creation in which flowers are added to the framework in the NUDE Inca vase

Step 5.

Step back and make sure you are happy with it all - look at it from difficult angles to see if there are any gaps you might have missed, and pull up any flowers that have gone into hiding.


Step 6.

Add that extra bit of something different - a tall statement stem to cut through the middle, or some sweeping foliage to accentuate one of the sides - this is what will really make your arrangement stand out.

Final creation of an abundant flower composition by Grace & Thorn in the NUDE Glass Inca vase


Grace & Thorn for NUDE

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