Why Choose Insight Cordless Lamps?

Insight Cordless Lighting


Thanks to advancements in technology, our lives have become more mobile than ever before–and cordless outdoor lighting has become a necessity. Shrinking microchips and other electronic components have paved the way to making things smaller, lighter and easily portable. From the cell phone you now can’t live without to fitness trackers, you can pretty much take your life with you wherever you go.



Being able to live your life on-the-go is a huge advantage and something many of us strive for. Thanks to the internet and a laptop you can work pretty much anywhere in the world. In order to do that though, you still need some good lighting once the sun starts to set. This is where portable cordless table lamps take the stage. Today, cordless lights use rechargeable batteries that offer longer life and warm continuous light. Whether you’re working or just reading the latest best seller, cordless lamps make sure your day ends when you’re ready and not at Mother Nature’s whim.


Thanks to lightweight and rechargeable batteries, indoor/outdoor cordless lamps are easy and convenient to take with you. Lights that offer an incorporated handle not only make it easy to carry the light, it also means that, if you’re creative enough with your location, you can find places to hang it for maximum illumination. This makes socializing much easier as well. By hanging the light up, everyone can reap the benefits of the portable light, and you can light up a larger space.

Just because the lights are easily transportable doesn’t mean you have to leave home to reap the benefits. Take these cordless lamps out to the backyard, onto the deck, by the pool or the patio. They can be used for accent lighting, table lighting, or to fill in darker spots where your wired outdoor lighting doesn’t quite reach.


Another way today’s cordless lamps one-up the old fashioned camping lantern are through fun and unexpected features. First is through quality of light. LED technology has transformed the lighting world thanks to its flexibility and adaptability. LEDs can be used in configurations not possible before now, are energy efficient, AND they can change colors.

One of the most popular features of LED lighting is the ability to select from a broad spectrum of colors and to even set it to cycle through a spectrum or specific set of colors. Many battery powered lamps are taking advantage of this technology to add a fun and hip vibe no matter where you take it. Set the mood for a romantic evening with the dimming capability or create your own outdoor nightclub with the range of light changing colors available.


From sleek to funky, cordless lamps come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the integrated handles are a prominent part of the design. At other times, they are barely noticeable until they are needed. Whichever your preference, they all offer high style and are available in indoor/outdoor safe models. When it comes to materials, portable lights offer a wide range of options that range from a natural stone look to molded plastics that fool the eye. All are designed to tackle the elements for long-lasting, beautiful design.



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