A new, innovative and fresh approach to handbag stowage.

Bag Buddy

Nowadays, handbags can be very expensive fashion items.

At Bag Buddy, their philosophy is to deliver a stylish-yet-functional bag stand made specifically for restaurants, bars, hotels and hair salons. Bag Buddy is supplied from an extensive standard range or, alternatively, if you need something more specific or unique it can be created bespoke for you, to meet all your requirements.

Please talk to us about what you might want or need. with Bag Buddy, we have delivered an evocative visual appeal, impactful both independently and as part of our clients’ wider aesthetics. The product is designed to withstand the day-to-day stresses of a contemporary restaurant, bar, hotel and salon environments.

Bag Buddy helps many of our customers to complete their environments to a very high standard.


Bag Buudy

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