Waste No More! Inspiring Creativity In Schools


Patchwork HeartLaunching in 2021, Ronai's fabric waste reduction programme has resulted in a whopping 80% reduction in total manufacturing waste that would have normally ended up in landfill. Instead, local schools can sign up to receive regular deliveries of fabric off-cuts to be used in any which way they like!

From arts and crafts to sewing patchwork quilts, we always love to see what they make. 


Bring Back The Plate

Plating Up For Good Nutrition

Bring Back The Plate Is Ronai's local initiative to help highlight the impact of food waste and help raise awareness of how a simple change like eating from a simple ceramic plate can improve health and wellbeing at home, in schools and in the workplace.
Not only is disposable packaging unhealthy for the environment, it is a poor method of retaining freshness and the nutritional content of the food. Resulting in unnecessary food waste and reduced health benefits from consumption.
Ronai is working with schools, catering companies and families to help them 'Bring Back The Plate' and adopt healthier lifestyle changes to eating freshly prepared food from a real plate.