Founded in 2014, Creative is continuously advancing the boundaries of design and innovation within buffet and tableware solutions for the international hospitality market.


Passion That Drives Innovation and Environmental Ethics
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At the core of our business we are passionate about design and quality, tireless in our pursuit of market leading innovative solutions that consider the environment, whilst knowing that 1st class service is paramount in creating a brand you can trust and depend upon.

Creative combines design, manufacturing, new product development, sampling and supply chain management into one entity. Our part-ownership of a melamine factory in China allows us to have full control of the product development creation process, resulting in the highest quality premium melamine buffet and tableware on the market whilst reducing lead times for delivering off the shelf and bespoke products. 

We take the entire life-cycle of our products into account, from the extraction and production of raw materials to the design, manufacture and use of the products. We now manufacturer using bamboo melamine which gives our operators the ability to use far more sustainable and environmentally friendly collections which has been sourced responsibly.

Based close to London, Creative has distribution facilities in both the UK & China, our customers include supermarket retailers, coffee chains, contract caterers, hotels, restaurants and global brands, whilst working with leading European, Middle Eastern and Asian distributors in their respective markets.

We are more than just a premium melamine buffet and tableware manufacturer, we also manufacture front and back of house products from materials such as poly wicker, polycarbonate, PET, PETG, silicone and stainless steel.


Global Excellence

Designed and managed entirely in the UK by our experienced team, Creative understand the challenges that you face in merchandising your food offering, allowing us to create solutions to fit your exact requirements.

Unlike most of our competitors, we control the whole manufacturing process from start to finish, with our own factory in China. This allows us to have full control by producing the highest quality melamine and eco-friendly melamine buffet and tableware products on the market and reducing lead times for delivering off the shelf products and bespoke items.

With warehousing both in UK and China, Creative Retail Display supply global logistics, providing the very best service.



At Creative, sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy in which we operate from day to day. Recent legislation and a change in the thinking of our customer base and its decision-makers means that the sustainability of our offer is now a key driver in our business model and is now included in design, innovation, manufacturing, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Due to our key company principle of being a sustainable business with products which challenge the “normal” manufacturing processes, we are now producing collections using an eco-friendly sustainably sourced, durable, eco-friendly melamine. This material is derived from plant extracts and corn starch, making it the perfect choice for an environmentally friendly buffet and tableware solutions for the international hospitality market.

Please download our Sustainability Flyer to learn more:



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