Established in 1800 Dudson is a hospitality brand which has constantly redefined modernity in food service.


Dudson Harvest BlueIts position as an innovator within this market is exemplified by the recognition and subsequent development of stronger type of vitrified china for industrial use in 1891.

This was far ahead of many international competitors and essential in paving the way for technical development in catering products.

Craftsmanship accompanied by authentic and inspiring design have been at the heart of developing the brand into a globally recognised symbol of stylish food presentation.

Most recently the Harvest and Evo ranges have captured the imagination of chefs and hospitality establishments worldwide as food presentation takes centre stage.


The Harvest collection quality symbols:


In April 2019 Churchill China Plc, purchased the Dudson brand to strengthen its hospitality focus and add a greater depth and variety to its own portfolio. Thus introducing a new and exciting era for the Dudson brand.

This era will see a continuation of key lines in the popular Evo and Harvest ranges and new developments each year. Essentially keeping the Dudson brand invigorated for a new generation of potters.


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