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The Time Newspaper 1947War Is Over, A. Ronai Limited - A New Start

At the end of the Second World War, Mr Alexander Ronai set about looking for a job. With every interview came fresh disappointment so in 1947 he established his own company, A. Ronai Limited.



Turkey MapA. Ronai (Eastern) Ltd, Exploring New Territories

Mr Ronai was determined to create an export company that sold British products professionally and efficiently, initially to Greece and Turkey. As time moved on, the company expanded its operations to the Middle and Far East as well as the Caribbean.

In 1961 A. Ronai (Eastern) Limited was formed to continue the growth of the business. The company came under the management control and private ownership of the Dodd family in the early 1980′s.


Gavin DoddNext Generation And New HoReCa Collaborations

Joining his father's company, Gavin Dodd brought experience of hospitality and the partnership with Simon Jersey. For over 20 years, the partnership was rewarded with many large contracts with its the uniform range, most notably Dubai Duty Free and Emirates Airlines.

Gavin continued to grow the company's reputation of trust, reliability and product excellence. By the early 90’s A. Ronai was representing the leading global hospitality suppliers including Samuel Groves, Burco, Mitchell & Cooper, and Row & Sons. Today, the list of represented companies continues to expand.

Embodying companies that are at the forefront of their specialist industry and presenting their product range as if they were our own, Ronai continues to excel through its values of integrity, expertise and superior service.

Whilst the company still conducts business in all its traditional markets the main focus is on hospitality supplies, providing specialist equipment for restauranteurs and hoteliers in the Middle East.


Ronai Street SignA. Ronai LLC, Home To The Best Brands In Hospitality In The UAE

As the new Millennium emerged the decision was taken to establish A. Ronai LLC in the United Arab Emirates, as the exclusive importer of Hospitality products from A. Ronai (Eastern) Ltd. Representing the highest standards of service and product excellence, A. Ronai LLC continues to expand its operations throughout the Middle East.


Dedicated To Community and Sustainability


The Pink BrigadeFollowing his diagnosis, operation and recovery from melanoma, Gavin has been passionate about championing the valuable work of hospitals, hospices and cancer support organisations, in particular The Royal Marsden Hospital in London and The Pink Brigade, UAE.

With prevention action being key in how communities can tackle cancer, A. Ronai are actively supporting initiatives that promote healthy nutrition and education on well-being in schools and the local community.


Sustainable DesertIn 2021, A. Ronai LLC stepped up their commitment to the environment by taking real action that makes a difference and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Through new initiatives focusing on nutrition and waste reduction, the company is drastically cutting manufacturing waste while helping schools and supply chain improve food hygiene standards.